Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Never ask the government for help. They will steal your children

. I am a very respectable, hard working student mother that adores her children. My children have been thriving in my care. I don't have any mental health problems or addictions. I do not have a criminal record nor any driving offences. Social services have been contriving to taking my children because I am outspoken and complained about the way I have been treated.

3. I became angry when I was bullied at university by the course tutors when I complained about the tutors not attending timetabled classes. A year later I complained to the practice manager of the university medical practice that he was negligent by putting me on a waiting list for counselling when he knew I did not live in Devon and was only registered as a temporary patient and could not be eligible for counselling. This prevented me accessing counselling for a year and my anger and fear from the abuse and threats of my course tutors was building. I have exercised self control and have not expressed my anger physically or abusively. The anger and stress has been suppressed and has been eating away at me giving me intense emotional pain and suicidal thoughts.

4. The university had asked the university medical practice to call me in and had told them I was disruptive. I had still not expressed any anger however after 1 year of being on various waiting lists for counselling ,I did become verbally angry with the practice manager of the university medical practice and said that he could potentially cause people to build up so much stress they kill themselves if he prevents people from having counselling when they need it. He phoned social services and said I was threatening to kill myself and my children, I have always denied this.

5. Social Services then spread the word and everyone became anxious that there is a risk to my children. I have always been open about being under extreme pressure and my fruitless attempts to find support. I have been open that I have been suffering a great deal but I value the lives of myself and my children too much to be able to cause any harm at all. I also am a non-violent person and would not even kill a spider but I was very uncomfortable with the thoughts and feelings I was having. Whenever anyone reported back to Social services what Social services had told them, Social services would put it in a statement as if the other party raised the concern rather than social services themselves. This has happened with concern to the police, the school, the nursery, neighbours, health visitors. Until Social Services became involved everyone knew that I was stressed and desperately seeking help. Social Services led them to believe that I had abandoned hope of finding help and was threatening suicide. They pushed the idea onto the other professionals that the children needed protection and they would achieve that protection by being placed on a Child Protection Plan. The Social services told the professionals that under a CPP I would receive the counselling support that I have been crying out for. The CPP was agreed with the category ‘risk of neglect’.

6. The actions of social services magnified my already very high stress levels. I, along with other professional had been asking for support from social services for over a year but the response was always that they can only offer support if the children are placed on a child protection plan. Eventually, when my anxiety had reached such a level that I considered my family's structure and stability was going to break down without immediate assistance I considered that a child protection plan was necessary if it was the only way I was going to get the support I needed.

7. Since the child protection plan was put in place it has been used as ammunition for the social services to prove to the court that they have a case to remove my children. I have consistently been told by various social workers that the child protection plan does nothing for adults, it only protects children and all they can do is remove the children. It will not help me access counselling. I complained to Social Services for misleading everyone involved and now cancelling core groups so the other professionals have no say. My children were still thriving and I knew that the security of my family was my absolute number one priority. To have this threatened to such a degree was very distressing for me.

8. On 3rd February I collected my medical notes in preparation for the Court hearing I had been warned about. Upon reading them, I realised the link between the university and the NHS which could explain why I did not have any access to counselling to reduce my stress. The misrepresentation by NHS to Social Services was also revealed explaining why I was under attack by Social Services and my stress was increasing. An email from the Director of Social Services raised my awareness to 'implications for my children' if I make known my complaints about the way social services were mistreating me.

9. On 4th February I had to attend Court to defend the LA's application to remove my children. I was coerced into agreeing terms of a Consent Order with the threat that if I did not agree the Court would make a Care Order. I protested to working with the same social worker as I considered he was acting under the instructions to take my children at whatever cost and don't fail! I considered that it was wrong that he should be making court applications without even meeting the children or visiting my home. He had ignored all requests to continue assessments and was using the Courts as a weapon. No Care Order was made.

10. On 6th February I made a logical and planned decision to ask the police for assistance. I felt very aware that individuals working for the NHS, Social Services and the University wanted revenge for my threatening to expose their improper practices. The best way they could do that was to work together to discredit me and portray that I am a mentally ill child neglecter. I am aware of the Hatice Can conviction that bullying to fatality is manslaughter. I am aware that the practice of these individuals has been criminal in contravention of my human rights and the data protection act. I asked the police to investigate it in order to prevent crime. I was having trouble sleeping and was needing to drive with little sleep or rest. I was aware that I was making many mistakes due to lack of alertness. I was mindful that I had very nearly had a fatal accident a few months before due to extreme tiredness. I asked the police to protect me by investigating this as a potential threat to my life. I considered that the parties involved would be free from incrimination in the event of my death unless I raised the alert. This was not a suicide threat as stated by social services. This was a request for assistance to put a stop to criminal malpractice.

11. On 9th February the local authority made a further application to remove my children but this time I only had notice of it in time to reach the Court and not to look at their evidence or instruct a solicitor. An interim Care Order was made. I am appealing against that Order on the basis that I did not have a fair trial and that the evidence the local authority produced was false and misleading. My appeal bundle contains further evidence and information that supports this statement including my response to the chronology relied upon for that hearing and my response to the statement relied upon at the previous hearing. The Court ordered that I see my children at least 3 times per week.

12.A further hearing was arranged for 1 March. Until then the children had been in the care of the local authority for 19 days. I had only been allowed to see them 5 times, for hourly supervised contact visits. I was able to see my children once in a period of 9 days. All contact has been supervised, including telephone contact which has been extremely limited. My childminder has been told to refuse me the support she was offering before the Care Order. My children have been suffering from nightmares. My daughter has been told that she is at risk of abuse and that I can’t look after her. She has been taken to a room alone and promised riding lessons and new clothes if she agrees to say what the social worker wants her to say. My son has shown great distress to leave me at the end of contacts and he has been taken from me with the message ‘you are hurting him, you are distressing him’. Since my children were placed in the care of the local authority they have suffered such emotional harm that I would never wish them to be exposed to. I only hope they can recover once they are returned to me. I have felt like my heart has been wrenched through my throat.

The hearing on the 1st March lasted 5 hours. I spent a considerable amount of that time in the witness stand being cross examined. On the balance of probabilities the threshold was found to be met but no findings of any harm were made. A more substantial hearing was listed for 11th and 12th March and an interim care order granted until then.
On 5th March there was a directions hearing. The local authority were granted their request for me to see a Psychologist that has been qualified for 5 years and specialises in diagnosing parents and children with disorders. My request to be assessed by a highly qualified, multicultural Psychologist recommended on the Forced Adoption website was refused. It was also ordered that the guardian can produce a report but I am not allowed to produce any further evidence.
The hearing on the 11th and 12th March was tape recorded. I represented myself as I had never met my barrister and she did not know my case on the day of the hearing. I again took the witness stand for the majority of the hearing. The Judge found the threshold had been met and said their would be a review of the order on 31st March. He ordered that I could attend if I made an application due to a change in circumstances. I have instructed my solicitor to make that application but she is refusing me proper legal representation.
The last time I saw my children was on 10th March. The local authority will not allow my children's childminder where my children are now staying to contact me. They are cancelling contact without telling me and refusing me telephone contact. They are also refusing me contact if I am in anyway distressed. Then they are distressing me with false allegations about me and my children.

13. While I have not been allowed to mother my children I have concentrated on compiling my contest to the Local Authority’s application. I have asked for the support from my friends and have been so grateful to receive such heart warming support that my self esteem has returned and I am no longer suffering from the effects of bullying. In the process of effectively compiling my life story for the Court I have become more aware that I am a strong, intelligent, capable, hard working, helpful and kind hearted mother. Once my children are returned to me I will have no reason to suffer distress and can confidently say that I am more aware than ever before which are the priorities in my life. I am prepared to spend the rest of my life fighting for the return of my children at the cost of everything else. I am confident that I will be supported in this endeavour.

I am now awaiting for the appeal case to be listed. My appeal file was referred to the Master for directions on 10th March. It is prioritised due to the case being about children.
I have requested help with the funding to see a private Clinical Psychologist as the Judge asked I pay attention to his report. The NHS are so far refusing me funding. I have taken this matter to the PHSO.
I have received a reply to my official complaint against the university and have escalated my complaint. I have requested the university allow the attendance of a union representative.
My complaints against the social services will not be addressed due to the matter being in the Courts. I consider that Court proceedings started as a direct response to my official complaints about social services and therefore care proceedings are being used as an alternative punishment for criminal libel where no criminal punishment is available. I consider this to be against my human rights of free speach, right to family life and right to a fair trial. I do intend to start an action in the ECHR.
I continue to ask the police to investigate the criminal breach of data protection by the university Course Manager, The clinical psychologist who diagnosed me with a disorder without meeting or speaking to me and the director of children services in Cornwall and to make more detailed investigation of their police logs so that inaccurate information does not cause my family detriment.

Please can you help me be reunited with my children and find redress for this horrific injustice.